Ruth Gregory Art - Fine Art Graphite Drawings by Ruth Gregory

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Artist's Statement

Ruth Gregory was born and educated in England. She attended Loughborough College of Art in Leicestershire and Chelsea School of Art in London where she received her master's degree in fine art. She was then awarded the Granada Fellowship in Fine Art at Manchester Institute of Advanced Studies in England.

Her early commitment was to abstract painting. After moving to the United States, she continued working in this vein, but felt increasingly drawn to figurative images, within which she found a similar focus of interest.

Whether exploring the abstract or the figurative, Ruth Gregory has always been fascinated by ambiguity, by the boundaries between the real and the unreal, the hidden and the revealed. Her other-worldly figures exist in a space between waking and sleeping, between life and death. She is intrigued by the interplay of the figure and veils of transparent fabric which simultaneously obscure and reveal the form, suggesting varying levels of consciousness and awareness. Working with graphite on paper, and in black and white rather than color, allows her to engage in a more focused exploration of indefinite space, light and shadow, thus creating images whose mystery simultaneously draws viewers in and yet invites them to contemplate their own place in space and time.


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